The utility token of ReCommon, a crypto-native regenerative land trust network.

Our network of non-profit land trusts are powered by our web 3.0 community - together we collectively purchase, manage, and lease land to be exclusively used for regenerative agriculture and housing land stewards.

LandCoin helps regenerative farmers gain access to land, all while future proofing profits of the crypto boom by locking value away into conservation property.


If regenerative agriculture has the potential to reverse climate change, what’s holding farmers back from adopting these practices?

The loss of agricultural lands and open spaces to development

Property values are disproportionate to agricultural value, therefore regenerative agricultural practices are disincentivized by the market

Farmers lack access to affordable housing and farmland


Innovative models of decentralized land ownership and stewardship are needed in order to realize the potential of regenerative agriculture for fighting climate change.

Here’s how it works

Land Trust Network

For every LandCoin purchased a majority of proceeds goes to our network of non-profit land trusts to purchase, manage, and lease land for regenerative agriculture.


Next Gen Farmers

Certified regenerative farmers are awarded land at a subsidized rate, ensuring long-term reliable access to farmland and affordable housing. Farmers hold these long term leases via NFT backed smart contracts, allowing for full transparency of our operations and easy Farm-to-Farm trading of staff and equipment.

Global Economy-min

Web 3.0

The ReCommon network is a team of farmers, ecologists, impact investors, and developers building one of the first decentralized and self-governed regenerative land trust systems.


Become a founding member of our crypto-native regenerative land trust network.

Let’s build a viable alternative to the current extractive paradigm. When you hold and transact in LandCoin, you are trading and holding wealth backed by real projects in land conservation and regenerative agriculture.

Small scale farmers are currently facing many insurmountable hurdles - lack of access to farmland and affordable housing, on top of market pressures make regenerative agriculture financially unviable.

By investing in LandCoin we can unblock those financial hurdles, lock away real value into the land that we protect, and regenerate it for future generations.


Get In Touch

Interested in learning more about LandCoin and the ReCommon network or have any questions for our team? Reach out to us through our form and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.